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Anchorage Personal Injury Attorney, Wrongful Death Lawyer and Worker’s Compensation Attorney

Mission and goal:  To help seriously injured clients receive the compensation for their injuries they deserve, so they can get their lives under control and move forward.

If you have suffered an injury or lost a loved one because of someone else’s negligence or you have lost time and suffered disability from an on the job injury, you are entitled to compensation.  Anchorage, Alaska personal injury and wrongful death and workers compensation attorney Elliott T. Dennis has spent more than 30 years enforcing the legal rights of his clients, making sure they are justly compensated for their losses so they can start rebuilding their lives.

During his years of experience, Elliott T. Dennis has helped clients from all corners of the Alaska obtain the compensation that they deserve. His clients have included the victim of an airliner/truck collision at the Anchorage International Airport and his family, the victim of a bus and truck collision on the North Slope, and a severely injured fisherman from Western Alaska. He has also helped hundreds of people injured or killed in motor vehicleconstruction, aviation, and maritime accidents and job site injuries throughout the state of Alaska. He is proud of his record as an advocate for injured people and their families who have collected millions of dollars for his clients during his career.

Elliott uses his knowledge of the law, the legal system, and common sense to enforce the rights of each client so they are compensated for their losses to the maximum extent permitted by the law. This requires him to wear “different hats”, depending on whether he is acting as a car accident attorney, a boat accident lawyer, a motorcycle accident attorney, a construction accident attorney or a tour bus accident lawyer.  Whether a client’s loss resulted from the negligent operation of a vehicle, lack of maintenance of a business premises, bad faith failure of an insurance company to pay what is owed, failure to follow government regulations, or failure to apply common sense, Elliott T. Dennis is ready, willing, and able to aggressively and effectively enforce his client’s rights to obtain a settlement which will compensation for their losses and the losses of family members so they can be rid of their worries and return to their lives.

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