Anchorage's Accident Attorney for Over 30 Years

  • He drove 60 miles to see me and he listened to my whole story. He assured me that he would take care of me [and] for me not to worry. ... It was such a relief to have Mr. Dennis on my side. He was diligent and professional. My suit was settled in only one year. My medical bills were paid in full and I had $104,000 in my pocket to start new again.

    - D. Barnes

  • Elliott is extremely caring, knowledgeable and professional. Not only did he provide expert legal counsel and guidance; he helped me settle with the insurance company in less than 2 months! Elliott helped me to explore new possibilities for my family.

    - Abigail Henry

  • I came to see Elliott after I was released from the hospital. Having never dealt with an attorney before I was kind of lost as to which one I should go with…. Words can't even explain how great of a person he is. Elliott has been wonderful to work with.… Elliott is a great attorney, person, and good friend.

    - Daniel Thornburg

  • Elliott Dennis is a rare attorney who was sensitive and responsive primarily to my interests not his. He and his staff returned all phone calls and emails in a prompt manner. Professional in all aspects and extraordinarily competent in his field, Elliott handles all legal issues with skill and confidence one can only find with an experienced, successful attorney.

    - Dr. Haase

Were you injured in Anchorage by someone else’s negligence?

If you’re losing wages and facing mounting medical bills due to an injury caused by someone else, you have the right to be compensated for the damages. We can help you navigate the insurance and legal issues between you and fair compensation.

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Are you struggling to make Alaska's Workers' Compensation laws work for you?

If your Workers' Compensation claim is being held up or denied for any reason then you could face a long period of financial uncertainty. There are a wide range of benefits that you may have a right to claim but insurance companies aren’t always clear or forthcoming.

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Are you an Anchorage employee hurt on the job by someone other than your employer?

If you answered yes, you may have two injury cases, not one. Unlike most injury attorneys, Elliott T. Dennis is qualified to represent you in both your workers' compensation case and in your personal injury cases. You only need one attorney to handle both cases.

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Elliott Dennis, Attorney at Law

An Open Letter From Anchorage Attorney Elliott Dennis

Welcome. Perhaps you or a loved one has suffered a significant injury and are having difficulty getting an insurance company to pay your medical bills and lost wages. If you need help understanding how the claims process works, getting fair treatment from an insurance company, and/or receiving proper payment for your medical bills and lost time, you have come to the right place.

I have helped hundreds of people find their way through the injury claims process. I understand the frustration, anger, fear – and sometimes tears – experienced by those seriously injured.

Though I am typically the professional you do not want to need, I diligently advocate for my clients to ensure they receive their due compensation. This holds true whether I am representing an injured employee, an accident victim or the family of someone who has died as a result of third party negligence. Please continue to explore this site. Learn as much as you can about me, my work and how I help my clients receive that which the law entitles them. When you are ready, fill out my consultation form and send it via email or simply place a call to the office at 907-929-4890.

- Elliott T. Dennis
Attorney At Law

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