Injury Law

Personal Injury Law vs. Workman’s Comp Law

There are many differences between personal injury law and workers’ compensation law. Personal injury law is based on “tort” law and is intended to fully compensate an injured person, whereas

Is the settlement from a wrongful death settlement taxable?

Are Wrongful Death Settlements Taxable by the IRS?

If you have lost a loved one and you are considering a wrongful death claim, it is common to wonder if you will get hit with a massive bill from

10 Hazards Faced by Shipyard Workers Part 2

10 Hazards Faced by Shipyard Workers Part 1

The marine field has long been a staple of our Alaskan economy, and shipyard workers are a major part of this growing industry. We appreciate the hard work and long

Defective Products can result in Wrongful Death Cases

Defective Products can Result in Wrongful Death Cases

Every day we use a wide variety of products and trust the manufacturers’ guarantee that their products are safe and will not cause injuries or fatalities. Sadly there are times when

Rain and Cold Weather Safety Tips for Alaska Longshoremen

Top Rain & Snow Safety Tips for Alaska Longshoremen

Working as a longshoreman at any one of Alaska’s many ports is a hazardous career especially during periods of intense rain or snow. As a longshoreman, you’re working around not

Maritime Wrongful Death Suits. What are they?

Maritime Law and Wrongful Death. How Does it Work?

Alaska has some of the most dangerous waters in the world for seaman, and sometimes the unthinkable happens. If a death occurs at sea due to the negligence of another

Winter flying safety tips in Anchorage, Alaska

Winter Small Plane Safety in Anchorage

While flying in a small plane in Alaska at any time of year is an exhilarating experience, winter trips take on an extra level of peril. When taking to the skies

maritime law protects Alaska fishermen

Maritime Law Protects More than Just Fishermen

The laws protecting those that work on the water are complex and challenging to navigate. For the most part, courts now use maritime and admiralty law interchangeably, but initially, admiralty

whitewater rafting. 3 Tips for Whitewater Rafting Safety in Anchorage

Top 3 Whitewater Rafting Safety Tips

Alaska draws many excited visitors all during the year, but especially in the summer months. Are you planning your Alaska summer vacation? We hope so! Alaska is a magnificent and beautiful

Car accident victims. Should you call an attorney after a car accident in Anchorage, Alaska?

I’ve Been in a Car Accident in Anchorage, Alaska. Should I Hire an Attorney?

There are times when it is critical to have the right personal injury attorney by your side to guide you through a case. On the other side of things, there